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For years my family and I have discussed the oddity of the “outside” smell. I just thought this was a common thing. You go outside (especially on a windy day) and you come in smelling like “outside”. It’s kind of a musty, doggy, rankness that permeates you and gets in your clothes. This is especially true for kids and pets. They can run around outside for a few minutes and come in stinkin up the place.

I’ve always been aware of this smell, but then I gained a fondness for convertibles. Now, I cannot “drop-the-top” without infiltrating myself with this wondrous odor. I can walk in the door after the drive home and my wife promptly says, “You’ve been riding with the top down, haven’t you.” I started to think that there has to be a remedy to this stinky outside business, so I googled it. What I found was a complete lack of information about this. Apparently not everyone is experiencing it. Either it’s not happening in their area or their sniffer is immune to it. I found a few people asking similar questions on Yahoo! Answers, but the replies were very tedious.


Q. What is in the air that makes your clothes smell like outside?
A. Nothing. That is just sweat.

WRONG. This is not a body-odor smell. Besides I can walk onto my porch in 70 degree weather and do nothing for 5 minutes and obtain this odor.

A. It is physically impossible for the air to “have a smell”.

WRONG. Air/Wind can carry any number of odors. Ever been downwind of a hog-farm?

WARNING sidebar comment coming, but this is a peeve of mine. If you answer someone’s question on Yahoo! Answers or any other Q and A site, know the answer! It seems like everyone and their dogs answers these questions and do not know the answers. The point of these sites is to provide answers, not to sound important by making uninformed guesses. Sorry, I digress…

So I think I may have found the answer or at least part of it. Geosmin. I ran across this in a completely unrelated search, but the more I read about it the more I think it is the culprit. Geosmin is an odorous chemical mostly found in dirt. No one knows for sure, but it is thought to be the by-product of certain bacterias. The interesting thing is that the human smeller is particularly sensitive to geosmin. Very, very miniscule, microscopic portions of it can still be detected by our human noses. Here is another interesting thing: it can smell good in some situations and putrid in others. For example, ever walk into a freshly tilled garden and smell the fresh tilled dirt? That’s geosmin. Ever “smell rain” in the air? That’s geosmin. Ever encounter a “stinky” mud-hole? That’s also geosmin. Ever get a dirty taste in your tap water? Yes, even that is geosmin. It is considered a water pollutant in many areas of the country. My granddad used to say, “The lake must’ve turned over” when the tap-water tasted bad, but it must’ve been excess geosmin seeping into the water supply.

Geosmin through a microscope

Geosmin through a microscope

So, geosmin is very very small and can be carried on the wind and in the air. It maintains a dirty, musty smell and can settle into your clothing, hair, and even skin when you are exposed to it. Some regions have higher geosmin content than others and some people are not as sensitive to it’s smell. Hence the reason not everyone on Google or Yahoo! Answers knew what the question was about. Now I’m not 100% sure about this, but it makes logical sense that the mystical “outside” smell that has attacked kids, pets, and owners of convertible vehicles with it’s foul presence is a concentration of geosmin.

The downside is how to prevent it. Unfortunately, repelling geosmin is not easy. Engineers have worked hard on it due to the issue of it polluting water supplies, so I don’t expect to find a remedy soon. So for now I guess we’re stuck with “smelling like outside”. I’ll stock up on some Axe body spray and stash it in my glove box I guess. But if I walk by and leave a swath of a musty smell in my trail, just know that it’s not body odor. It’s just geosmin… well… or maybe just good Mexican food. šŸ˜‰

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  1. I just Googled “smell like the outdoors”, because ever since I was a kid in Canada (25 years ago, at least) I have said,”Ew, you smell like the great outdoors”, and just now said it to my son, here in Washington state. He asked me what that meant, as he knows I love the outdoors, and I don’t always say it when he comes in. There’s something that smells on people sometimes, and line-dried laundry sometimes when they come indoors, and maybe it’s this thing you describe, but it’s definitely NOT just fresh air. Now somebody please explain to me why you can’t smell it WHILE you are outside, but instead, only when you come in?

  2. james adams

    May 8, 2016

    Wow, i have the same problem and try correlating ideas. I take a shower twice daily. I can shower and apply deodorant, then go outside and wham, i smell like a dog. The odor seems more prominent when out in the sunshine and seems to have become worse in the last couple years.

  3. I live in Europe (Austria) and notice a strange, intensive smell on my skin, clothes, hair too (especially the last 5 years or so), after being outdoors with sunlight exposure… it is really bad in spring/summer.
    when I shower it intensifies the smell at first, but then it’s gone – until I go outside again.
    I like the smell of outside air in general, but not the smell that appears on me, which is very different (metal-sulphur-wet dog-?-like…).

  4. I’ve found out that when you drink more water the smell is either completely gone or significantly dropped. As it sounds like your sweat could also be a contributing factor as it mixes with whatever happens outside that is causing to smell like this so by drinking more water around 2L a day tends to help a lotttttt. Also, drinking green tea in the morning and adding some cinnamon in can help too.

  5. Omg it not just me I’ve lived in Michigan and now Back in Florida and it happened in both states thanks for sharing this article it a life saver.

  6. I always hung my clothes out to dry and went outside without smelling this awful smell until about 2007. Actually my clothes and dog would smell good after being outside prior to this point in time. I thought it was because more houses were being built in the neighborhood and all of the sewer vent stacks are in the back of the houses. I also noticed if we are out in the front yard the smell is minor compaired to going out in the back yard. This was about the time that some manufacturers were voluntarily removing phosphates from detergents and soaps. I wonder if this allows those smells to stick to our clothing, skin and hair. I would like to figure this out as I find the smell so revolting that it triggers my gag reflex.

  7. I live in Central Texas and have always noticed this smell when I go inside after being out. It happens in cold or hot weather and smells just like a stinky dog. Also my dogs smell bad for a few minutes after they come in. The smell seems to concentrate in my hair. I always thought I was just extra stinky so this article helps my self esteem greatly, thank you. I think I’ll go buy some Bed Head to see if that helps get rid of the smell any.

  8. Melinda Cleveland

    March 20, 2016

    ok so I know this is a very late reply, but OMG, thank you for explaining this !! Now I can finally show my adult kids and husband that I am NOT crazy, when I say “oh yuck, you smell like the outside!” I have a very sensitive nose, (which I would love to why or how) I can smell very odd things like oranges in a perfume and vanilla in deodorants OF OTHER PEOPLE. My daughter came over and I said are you ok? I smell a doctor’s office on you. She had taken my grand daughter to meet a dentist so she wasnt a “stranger”. Anyone know why? Pollen season kills me.

  9. Petrice

    March 11, 2016

    I just moved down from NY to Deltona FL and i thought it was just me but everytime i go outaide and come back in the house i smell like wet dog. This never happened to me in NY. The smell really bothers me and it makes me nauseous. Just gross. I waste a lot of water because i shower a lot just to get that smell off of me and i carry a lot of body spray. I thought the air down here would be fresher than NY but is just gross and nasty. Yuck… i looove the outdoors but the smell is not cutting it for me. This might be drastic but i cant see myself living here in FL because of this. This article was great. Thanks for the insight of what could be causing this wet dog smell…

  10. Hello Here is what we did to rid our self of the smell. We started a drink of unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar, Honey and Cinnamon. It took about 2 weeks for me and 3 for the wife and the outside smell is gone or next to nothing in comparison to what it was. The vinegar helps kill bacteria on the body, the other two help also but make the first easier to swallow. 3 times a week at a 2 table spoon each per cup mix. It can be mixed with fruit juice also. Once the smell drops you can cut back greatly.

  11. This doesn’t explain why I can’t smell “outside” smell when I go outside. I only smell outside smell on someone who just came indoors from outside. I’ve always thought it was something in their clothing reacting to the air outside. Maybe the “geosmin” mix with the chemicals in detergent and fabric softener.

  12. Oh, I’m so relieved to read you article. I’ve been wondering why my brand new polyester jacket smells awful after a brief walk on the streets of New York City. I’ve been actually wondering about this for years. Both my 15 year old son and I are extremely sensitive to this geosmin smell – while my elder son and wife are not. My wife thinks sending the jacket back to Landsend (I sent Landsend’s consumer affairs dept. a link to your website by the way) is an over reaction. But indeed, I’m sending it back today.

    My question is: are certain fabrics more prone to geosmin? Obviously, polyester is. I’m going to need a new winter coat – and I’m wondering what kind of jacket to buy. My son’s coat is 59% cotton and 41% nylon and his jacket does not seem to attract this smell. Any thoughts? Anyway, thank you again for offering an explanation to this intractable problem…and for resolving my family’s conflict! Happy New Year!

  13. My wife and I have the exact same problem. We live in lafayette la. I’m originally from cincinnati ohio and moved here 2 years ago and have never had this problem. It can be 70 degrees out and I will walk outside check my mail and walk back in, and I stink. We thought it coulda been our detergents. (Nope). It’s definitely something in the air and it’s horrible. To the point where we’re about to move back north. The only thing I could think it is, is were close to Swamp air or something. Sucks bad!

  14. S Michael

    November 10, 2015

    I’m in Louisville, KY, but have always noticed this smell on other people, in particular men and dogs. My husband in particular reeks after being outside. To me it is a stale, swampy, musty smell. My question is, why do I only smell it on him, my daughter, and dog during late fall thru winter? I don’t smell it during the summer at all, but only during the colder seasons. My husband thinks I’m insane because he comes in from walking the dog and I gag, and can’t stand to be near them because they stink so badly. So why do I only smell it during the colder months?

  15. Rumor Wayne

    October 26, 2015

    I live in Kissimmee Fl also and I have been wondering about the “outdoor smell” for as long as I can remember. In upstate NY I would notice it on boys especially on a cool dry day… It seems to have gotten worse down here for everyone… I’m noticing more people with the smell! Thanks for sharing!

  16. David Gaddy

    October 1, 2015

    Great info Jimmu. Thanks for the input. It sounds like your findings are lining up with mine since geosmin appears to be a by-product of certain bacteria.

  17. We have had this problem in our area for the last two years. SE Wisconsin. I played and worked outside for the last 45 years and never had this outside smell issue. Sweat yes, wet dog no. I have gone as far as to look into bacteria growing in the drinking water. Why does it grow on us or especially on polyester clothing? Less smell when I use cotton clothes. I found out bacteria grows better on polyester than cotton. Our shampoos carry polishing agents, waxes and plastics. All items bacteria can grow in on our hair and skin. ( one of the wild ideas) I would walk outside and within 5 minutes my clothes smelled. It was called wet money by the family. (Shower every day). We thought it was in our water so we moved from a nice apartment to one across town. Different leg of the distribution system. I also started using apple cider vinegar, cinnamon and honey drink for a few weeks. My smell has dropped greatly, but my daughter and wife still have it in their hair. (shower daily, tried multiple shampoos and conditioners).

    Seeing it has been mentioned it is in the air, we have large open sand pits south of town. Large farming community West of town also. High limestone area. Radium removal in our water system.
    What creates the wet dog smell? I have smelled it on other people in town but not a lot. The family goal is to stay inside as much as possible except for me since my dog smell has dropped.

    Still looking

  18. Tammy Taylor

    August 28, 2015

    I would like to pose this question since I suffer from this “hot/outdoors smell” as well. What do we all have in common? Dry skin? Dry hair? Sensitive/delicate skin? Allergies? We may have more in common than simply this odor?

  19. This post makes me feel better. We just moved to a new state & every time my kids come in from outside, they smell like stinky dog. I’ve been informed I smell like it when I come in from outside (I think at that point, you’ve been immersed in the smell & have olfactory exhaustion) by both my kids & hub. I did notice our water quality here is awful, I wonder if that has anything to do with it?

  20. My oldest child has this problem. She can stand on the porch for less than a minute and come inside reeking like a wet dog. My younger two can go roll in the dirt with the dog and not get this smell. I feel so bad for her because it’s awful and it sticks with her all day.

  21. David Gaddy

    August 12, 2015

    Thanks for the feedback Misty and your smellimony. šŸ™‚ It really is strange how this stuff go from spring-rain-alpine-fresh to murky-water-sour-dog. Quite fascinating. Thanks for visiting.

  22. Sooooo relieved I finally searched “I smell like animal after being outside”. This issue has had me stumped for 15yrs!!

    Been in Vegas since 91. Never encountered “the stench” anywhere I’ve lived or traveled before my first encounter, in 2001…
    Moved-into a newly built condo and our water REEKED of wet dog. Called the Water Authority to report it but they were lost. Since it was a newly developed area I suggested maybe a dog or coyote was in a conduit when they connected the lines during construction. They offered no alternative but assured me my concern was “impossible”. I called the following month to report it again and was told it was “normal for new water lines to have an odor or taste but it’s safe to drink and the smell/taste will clear-out, eventually”. While the smell seemed to come and go it never “went away” and seemed strongest when taken from the tap into a clean, dry glass. VERY STRANGE. So I opted to stick with bottled water, just in case!

    I began to notice my hair (long) reeked of wet animal within 1-2yrs. But only after being outside. Even if I only went to the mailbox. Freshly washed, styled, wet, or pulled into a bun it didn’t matter. Eventually I realized it wasn’t just my hair! It didn’t seem to matter if it was hot, cold, humid, arid, calm or windy. But it wasn’t on a regular basis. VERY RANDOM. And ONLY if I’d been outside. I complained about it all the time but my boyfriend never once made a comment – chalk it up to his “male” sniffer??

    At a loss, I convinced myself it was the spirits of my beloved dogs whom I had to put to rest in 2000. NO ONE else smelled like it, so what else could explain it? I decided it was as good an explanation as any.

    Fast forward a few years….
    We moved down the road, but on the same mountainside and I began to notice a most LOVELY, arctic/alpine-like, fresh, crisp, clean air smell on my boyfriend when he’d come inside. Again, very random. But this smell was AWESOME. Like the fresh, clean, COLD, snow-covered mountain air. And remember, folks, we live in the DESERT.
    The kicker? We could spend the day together running here and there and it wouldn’t be until we’d get home but instantly I could tell HE smelled like a snow-covered mountain and I reeked of wet animal! But WHY??? None of this makes ANY sense. And he didn’t smell any of it.

    We moved again in 2012, still Vegas but more centrally-located, and both our “scents” followed us.
    Last April (2014) we adopted a Turkish Van (how lucky are WE?) and she was here maybe a week when I notice she shares that amazing smell with my boyfriend. But A CAT? Smelling like the arctic air?!!
    It’s true, my friends. I know it sounds insane but I kid-you-not it doesn’t matter if it’s a brisk 40 degrees or sweltering 118 that cat will come in from a siesta on her catio, night or day, and I swear to you she smells like Mount Ararat! Turkish Vans are from Lake Van at the base of Mount Ararat so I began wondering if it was just her “natural smell”.

    Since moving to this community he can now smell my stench, and agrees it smells like wet dog – or “a wet backyard where animals have access”. GROSS!!! And it wasn’t until she came along that he finally was able to smell the same scent I’d been telling him he sometimes smells like. And how is it that those two can smell like snow when it’s 118 degrees? And yet I get to smell like a wet kennel?

    These aren’t lingering smells. They dissipate quickly and are only noticed upon entering our home, not in the car, not in a store or restaurant – I HOPE not! Eek!

    I can’t make ANY sense of ANY of this, but it certainly is nice to find this thread.
    I apologize profusely for being long winded but I am simply overwhelmed to learn that I AM NOT ALONE.
    I bid a fond “aloha” to my fellow stricken-with-the-curse-of-the-stench searchers and thank you for sharing yours, and for taking the time to read mine <3 Now I'm gonna go research geosmin!!

    I thank you David Gaddy, and apologize. I hope you will see it fit to allow my post – however lengthy – to be "shared". God Bless

  23. Grandma G

    July 6, 2015

    Thanks so much for this ,I’m the cashier that gets the weird looks because I have this outdoors smell!!! I will try some of the dry body
    oils and the static cling.

  24. Ashley

    June 6, 2015

    I’ve always called it “smelling like wind”. My daughter and I get it, but my husband and son don’t and they have a good laugh when I say I smell like wind and they don’t even know what that means. It’s so frustrating! I try to mask the smell with perfume or lotion but then I’m paranoid about smelling like wind AND too much scent. Our clothes are clean, we shower every morning and I’ve been at my wits end trying to figure it out…

  25. Rafael

    May 27, 2015

    Great post. Finally something that makes sense. I live in North Texas and it is impossible for someone with some sense of smell not to notice it. I used to call it Plano smell, because that was our city. We moved a few miles north to Frisco, and still the bad smell is present. I was born and raised in Bogota, Colombia, South America and in 25 years I never experienced something like this. I also lived one year in New Jersey and no bad smell could be perceived. It would be cool if Google would show a map with the concentration of this chemical.

  26. phyllis

    May 26, 2015

    that is what i do put so much perfume on this weekend was the worst i took a shower and went out there is that nasty smell my hair always picks it up to i hate it and then my clothes i spray body sprays when i am out around people like crowds and this happens i feel like i smell dirty and then there goes the perfume my husband hates it but what dosen’t he hate i have ocd and i hate to smell like dirty i can’t even hang my clothes out to dry it makes me gag really wish i had a cure

  27. I live in Georgia and my clothes absorb this smell ALL OF THE TIME ! I tried many different detergents, adding vinegar to my wash cycle, using the downy pods or scented crystals to the dryer,and even using perfume !I have noticed that if I drown my clothing in perfume it kinda prevents my clothing from absorbing that “outside smell” BUT I don’t like being the one person in the room with a load of perfume on.Being a college student, this issue is really taking a toll on me .I really have no idea what to do at this point ! If you guys have any answers please let me know ! Thanks!

  28. I live in Tennessee. When I come in from being outside for 5 minutes, I WREAK! It is a combination of old pennies and, if you can imagine, a musty Goodwill. (No offense thrift stores, I thrift all the time but the thrift stores have the same funk as my outside smell.) I do t think I noticed the smell until 2005 (and it is 2015 as I post). I have also noticed, then smell is MUCH worse if I have been walking in the city amidst high traffic. It is still pretty terrible when I take walks in my wooded neighborhood!! But when I was young, Mom would gag when I came in from just walking outside! I don’t think I notice the smell when outside, just when I come in from outside. Also, if I line dry clothes outside, they get that same putrid old penny thrift store smell!

  29. Caitlin

    May 14, 2015

    Update –

    I’ve found something that prevents the reaction that causes the dreaded “outside” smell. It’s a dry oil meant to moisturize, and I apply it like I would lotion, and it smells good too, so it can double as perfume.

    I know it’s not just masking the smell, because I’ve tried numerous lotions and perfumes in an attempt to evade the smell, but after only five minutes outside in this Florida air, I can smell a musty mix of my lotion of choice and “outside”. This is the only thing I’ve found to truly prevent the smell.

    I realize everyone’s chemical makeup is different, but hopefully this will help!

    If anyone’s interested, it’s here:

    (You can find it for around $7 at Marshalls or T.J. Maxx)

    Good luck!

  30. Tracy

    May 5, 2015

    Thanks for the post….we have even changed laundry soap because we thought that was the problem. Clothes smell great inside but after a few moments of outside we come in smelling like a wet dog……and wont hang clothes outside because they smell awful when they are dry….glad its not just us smelling funky (:

  31. Omg… Thank you thank you…. For years I have struggled to make people believe me.I thought I was the only one with crazy nose …smelling this crazy outside smell. I stand at the school bus stop for 10 mins.. And when I get home I hair smells horrible. I spray perfume all over my hair to get rid of it.
    It’s just so good to hear that’s someone else agrees too.i do with there was some solution to this.

  32. Thank god. I thought something was up with my body for it to smell that way. Thank you for the info!

  33. phyllis

    April 7, 2015

    hi stephani i know i hate the smell for years i would say it to my boyfriend but he would say i don’t smell anything and if you have long hair as i do i hate it much more and i say it is a metal smell also it just is weird and clothes seem to pick it up that is why i can’t hang my clotes out they do say woman have better smell then men

  34. Stephanie C.

    April 7, 2015

    I have always noticed when our three kids would come inside from playing, they’d smell like metal. And the dogs and even the laundry line-drying. I hate the smell…but I love the outdoors.

  35. Yes, this has boggled my mind for years, and the smell drives me crazy. Thanks for the information. Good to know.

  36. Lorraine

    April 5, 2015

    When I start drying my clothes outside in the spring my clothes smell like metal, disgusting…no fresh smell… I can only assume it is the dreaded Nuclear Power Plant emissions a mile and a half away…..and yes, women do have a better sense of smell than men.

  37. I live it in the Philippines and my husband and I have constantly been wondering what causes that smell especially noticeable on a windy day. Could a person’s acidity also play a factor on how the skin reacts to the environment? Great article.

  38. I lived in NY for many years and the air is actually fresh compared to Fl! You do not get this smell on you and your clothes from just walking outside for 5 minutes!! It really is kinda gross and not sure why its just Florida that you get this from!! I think David has a good point there!!

  39. OK, so why is it that my kids go outside, get covered in geosmin and end up smelling like wet dogs, but my sheets can hang on the clothesline in the very same air and come in smelling amazing? Is it a combination of geosmin and organic material?

  40. Awesome article! I also live in Florida and I can always tell when my husband drove home from work with the car windows open! I tell him he smells like ‘hot’. lol! You’re 100% right – it’s not sweat or even body odor- it’s just the hot outdoors/ dog who’s been outside fragrance. It’s so frustrating to feel self conscious when you walk into stores or restaurants after spending any length of time outside. Maybe I should just hand out copies of your Geosmin theory when I smell like ‘hot’ from now on. šŸ˜‰

  41. daweemzah

    February 8, 2015

    feckin geosmin ruining up the one thing I enjoy in life – long outdoor walks -_-

  42. LOL! “You smell like outside!” are my wife’s exact words every time! Excellent article. Thank you for the explanation. We live in Kissimmee, FL and my wife constantly complains about this. I personally don’t like it much either, but I guess I tolerate it a bit more since there is nothing you can do about it. I could have just taken a shower, go outside for a phone call and end up smelling like I need to take another shower. Sometimes I travel for work to other states and I have never experienced the odor you acquire in Central Florida from just stepping outside. So I know for a fact that it’s not just the “fresh air smell” that clings on to your clothes and this comes from someone who really enjoys the outdoors (hiking, camping, etc.) I think the only solution would be to move šŸ™

  43. hi jp i hate the out side air my husband told me for years i don’t smell anything when i would tell him my hair stinks when i go out side and i smell everyone else to i used to say it was not me and it wasen’t when i read this and other people i can not even hang my clothes out side to dry them i hate it it does not smell fresh why do people say that it smells gross

  44. Yes! Thank you! This article is not bashing “fresh air”… Our hair, clothes, pets just collect the scent in a concentrated fashion. Everyone loves to jump in a pool, but no one likes to clean the filter. I have wondered about this smell for a while and only notice it on cool dry days, usually after spending time in the woods, but I don’t notice it on myself, only on others who have been outside in the cold air. If you don’t understand this, don’t be rude, it makes you look very small. Thanks for researching and sharing!

  45. Thanks for the info. I kept wondering what that smell was, because every time I go outside for a walk on my brakes I come back smelling like rusted iron or something weird. and its only in the city I work.. its annoying!

  46. David Gaddy

    September 24, 2014

    Thanks for the comment Mark… and the advisory. I bet our glorified bodies will no longer be tainted with the outside smell. šŸ™‚

  47. Hey brotha, thanks for the 411. I have been working with Environmental Canada and my Municipality to recifying this wet dog/sheep pen smell issue everytime my family and I come in from outside. Just thought maybe we are JESUS’S sheep and we smell šŸ™‚ ttt. On a more serious note as I research and ponder the issue I keep reminding myself that we need to keep our focus on his return and be ready. As JESUS told us in Luke 21:11 There will be great earthquakes, famines and pestilences in various places, and fearful events and great signs from heaven. NIV. Reality and probability is that JESUS is using these natural occuring events to fullfill his purpose and like our LORD JESUS CHRIST also stated in Matthew 24:38-42 as in the days of Noah, they knew nothing of what would happen until the flood came, so we need to watch and keep our focus on his return just as JESUS told us. Shalom and may the peace of JESUS CHRIST our LORD and Savior be with you ttt.

  48. phyllis

    July 31, 2014

    come on people we should not take offence to what ken says he has his opinion also i read that woman smell can smell more then men please look it up i have fought with my husband many times about this smell and can not even have my laundry hung out side in the air or my long hair it always smells gross i love the mountains but the air up in my mountains in ny state still makes my hair and clothes smell thanks everyone and ladies we are just more sensitive to smell

  49. Caitlin

    July 31, 2014

    Yes Ken, you’re right. Fresh nature air is wonderful.

    I was outside for a while today (Tampa, Florida) and it was gorgeous.

    The air smelled amazing.

    My skin did not.

    We “mutants” also enjoy the beautiful smell of the great outdoors.

    It’s what ends up coating our skin that we don’t like.

    The skin smell does not match the smell of air.

    You don’t have to be rude just because you don’t understand or don’t have a sensitive enough sense of smell to pick up on what we’re talking about.

  50. I’m glad that mutants who percieve fresh nature air as offensive found a support community, congratulations. šŸ˜‰ But I’m constantly surprised that nobody else arrives here looking to explain *enjoying* fresh air.

    Today is an unsually cool, dry, low-pollen day along the Baltimore-Washington corridor, and I’ve thrown open all my windows to get the wonderful perfume *in*. This has been the nicest summer here in my memory.

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