Victims of Lust

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Sin is destructive. It is no accident that the things which offend God are harmful to us. The more sin we allow in our life, the more damage we do to ourselves and others. This topic is of a mature nature, but I see people being hurt by it all the time so I feel compelled to discuss it. The topic is pornography.

Victims of Lust

Victims of Lust

Too many times Christians avoid the topic of porn like the plague because it is a dirty secretive sin and it can be embarrassing. But Christian men today are flooded with pornographic images and are drawn into hardcore pornography every day. There was a time when it took work for a Christian man to look at porn. Not anymore. Here’s why:

  • Every 30 minutes a porn film is made in the US
  • Pornography is a $13 Billion industry
  • This makes it more profitable than Microsoft, Google, Amazon, eBay, Yahoo, Apple, and Netflix combined
  • 42.7% of all internet users view porn
  • Every second 30,000 people are viewing porn
  • Sex is the number one topic of all internet searches
  • There are 68 Million pornographic search engine requests daily (that’s 25% of all searches)
  • The current average age of initial pornography exposure is 11 years old
  • About 200,000 Americans consider themselves addicted to porn with more than 11 hours per week spent in pornography
  • 40% of those porn addicts lose their spouses
  • 58% suffer considerable financial losses
  • 33% lose their jobs
  • Pornography use increases marital infidelity by 300%
  • 56% of all divorces cite pornography as a cause
  • Severe clinical depression is reported twice as much among internet porn users than non-users


The numbers are staggering and families are being destroyed, and yes many are Christians. But I want to talk about a victim you rarely think about when talking about porn… the pornstar. Both men and women who work in the sex industry can be victims, but the women more-so than the men.

Listen up Christian men, I want you to think about women for a moment. Women are a beautiful blessing from God. They were meant to be loved, respected, cared for and handled with care. Men you have been given a charge from God to protect women.

Then the man said, “This at last is bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh; she shall be called Woman, because she was taken out of Man.”
(Genesis 2:23, ESV)

An excellent wife who can find? She is far more precious than jewels.
(Proverbs 31:10, ESV)

Husbands, love your wives, as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her.
(Ephesians 5:25, ESV)

Likewise, husbands, live with your wives in an understanding way, showing honor to the woman as the weaker vessel, since they are heirs with you of the grace of life, so that your prayers may not be hindered.
(1 Peter 3:7, ESV)

Women are emotional creatures and less physically motivated. Men are very physically motivated and less emotional. This makes our understanding of one another hard. Most women equate sex and their sexuality with love and acceptance first then physical pleasure. Most men equate sex with physical pleasure first then emotional gratification. When men indulge in the sin of pornography they begin to separate their physical and emotional responses even more because porn doesn’t provide any good emotions. Only physical pleasure. Of course, the more a man indulges in porn the larger this separation becomes until women are nothing more than pleasing physical objects to him. And because porn is ultimately unsatisfying, they indulge in harder porn trying to fill the need. This is an abomination to God because no woman is an object for your consumption. She is a beautiful creation of God. She is the helper meet for man as none other is found in all creation.

Would it surprise you to know that most porn stars do not like their jobs? The fantasy is not real. These women are not enjoying themselves. It is all fake. In fact, most got into the industry quite by accident and find themselves stuck in it because of a combination of money and drug addition. Most tell almost the same story. They come from poor broken homes. Many were sexually abused as children. They are searching for love and acceptance. When they are told how beautiful they are and know men are lusting after them it gives them a false sense of love and acceptance.

You can find stories of porn stars who have managed to escape their lifestyles. Many of those have turned to Christianity. Ex-porn stars usually suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder and other mental issues due to years of sexual abuse. My heart breaks for victims all over the world and most people never see these women as victims. But these women come from horrible home lives, get caught up, used and abused in the downward spiral of drugs, sex, disease, and death all while searching for love. Our savior loved these types of victims as well.

And behold, a woman of the city, who was a sinner, when she learned that he was reclining at table in the Pharisee’s house, brought an alabaster flask of ointment, and standing behind him at his feet, weeping, she began to wet his feet with her tears and wiped them with the hair of her head and kissed his feet and anointed them with the ointment. Now when the Pharisee who had invited him saw this, he said to himself, “If this man were a prophet, he would have known who and what sort of woman this is who is touching him, for she is a sinner.”
(Luke 7:37-39, ESV)

Everyone knew this woman was a sinner which meant she was most likely a prostitute. A first-century porn star, if you will. Yet Jesus opened his arms to this woman’s admiration.

“Therefore I tell you, her sins, which are many, are forgiven—for she loved much. But he who is forgiven little, loves little.” And he said to her, “Your sins are forgiven.” Then those who were at table with him began to say among themselves, “Who is this, who even forgives sins?” And he said to the woman, “Your faith has saved you; go in peace.”
(Luke 7:47-50, ESV)

She was seeking love and that is what Jesus gave her. We can assume the last man who indulged in her services did not provide her with the same. Instead, he was using her as the object of his lust and doing more damage to her soul. Men, this is what we are when we indulge in pornography… users. Enablers. That woman being abused on the screen will never escape that lifestyle if you continue to satisfy your lustful thoughts through her abuse.

Crissy Moran with and without make-up

Crissy Moran with and without make-up

Crissy Moran was a well known porn star who worked in the industry for six years. By the grace of God she escaped and has embraced Christianity. She now devotes her life to traveling and talking about the destructive nature of the porn industry. She is pictured here with her natural look and what she looked like when made-up for a porn shoot. I chose this photo so you can see past the make-up, past the facade, and into the eyes of a simple woman made in God’s image. You can read her story and blog here:

Porn star Neesa, like Crissy was abused as a child and through a series of unfortunate events landed in the porn industry. She quit in 2006 after a shoot went bad. She was forced to do things on film against her will and as a result contracted Chlamydia/Gonorrhea. The medical clinic she visited supported the porn industry through STD testing and made a lot of money from the industry. So when she demanded her co-star be tested, the tests were falsified and she was labeled as a liar.

Tamra Toryn

Tamra Toryn

Another heart-wrenching story is the one of Tamra Toryn. Again a victim of abuse as a teen-ager, she was raped and robbed by friends. She ended up in the porn industry because she wanted a singing career. In pursuing that career, she got addicted to cocaine and burdened with debt. She shot an adult film to pay the bills. She didn’t ease into it like some, it was brutal and hardcore from the start. Soon, the pornographers knew her weak spot and lied to her about leads in the music industry and possible recording contracts if she did certain things on film for them. She became disenfranchised with life:

Being in porn, relationships are a joke. I mean, besides the novelty of “dating a porn star” who the heck would take a girl like me seriously for anything other than the obvious. My rules were to date outside the biz (to date a civilian as we called it) to avoid the so-called population of “physically and mentally” abusive men that apparently worked in the industry. When I made the attempt to finally get serious, those relationships always ended in either heartbreak or betrayal. So eventually I began to build a hatred towards love and men.

I ended up paying the price from working in the porn industry. In 2006, not even 9 months in, I caught a moderate form of dysplasia of the cervix and later that day, I also found out I was pregnant. I had only one choice which was to abort the baby during my first month. It was extremely painful emotionally and physically. When it was all over, I cried my eyes out. When I got home, I was called every name in the book by my family. I felt ashamed and tainted with so much hatred towards myself and everyone around me. I didn’t want to hear the word porn ever again. I cried myself to sleep for months. I cried out to God to forgive me. September 14th will be a day I’ll never forget. Sadly God knows this, months after I recovered, I felt so desperate to save my financial situation, with a few words of encouragement from some so-called porn producer “friends”, I was convinced this was my still my solution to end my debt… and back to porn it was.

My career ended in violence, fear, abuse, drugs, heartbreak, and almost death. From cutting my arms up to being choked in my own house, to a nervous breakdown that led me into a car accident from almost overdosing on prescription drugs, to seeing sex slavery first hand in Europe.
– Tamra Toryn

Tamra is now done with the porn industry for good. She found help from Christian friends and is now sober. She joined a Bible Study group and was baptized into Christ’s family in January of 2010.

Shelley praying with her team

Shelley praying with her team

Last but not least is the plight of ex-porn star Shelley Lubben who after an 8 year career in porn, is now dedicating her life to getting others out of the industry and preaching Jesus to them. She founded a non-profit for this called The Pink Cross. She’s written a book called “Truth Behind the Fantasy of Porn”, which exposes the porn industry as a sex-slave trade. She has made appearances on radio, TV, and film documentaries. In short, she is on a crusade against porn. Because of this she is constantly berated, called a liar, and has received death threats. Remember how much money this industry makes? This is serious business, but yet she continues to attend Adult Video trade-shows and witnesses to porn stars right in their booths. I would not do her story justice here. Check out her site for her story as well as many others:

This look into the dark and seedy world of the porn industry serves a purpose. I am writing to you, men. To you Christian men who are addicted to porn. To you God-fearing men who cannot seem to break free from it’s evil grasp. Fathers, sons, leaders in the church, brothers, friends, neighbors, loved ones. The next time you are fighting with your flesh and losing the battle, think of the stories of Crissy, Neesa, Tamra, Shelley and the countless other women you are abusing. That woman on the screen is somebody’s daughter, lost, alone, searching for love and finding abuse and death. Let your love for the victims take the fire out of your lust and turn it off.

I will leave you with this thought. The average life-span of a porn star is only 37 years. Here is a list of dead porn stars, how they died, and at what age. Read it closely. Each line is a life destroyed by lust. If we stand together we can stop this. May God bless you in your fight against sinful lust.

Stage Name

Real Name

Cause of Death

Year of Death


Megan Leigh Michelle Maira Schei Suicide by self-inflicted gun shot wound 1990 26
Tony Bravo Michael Pietri AIDS 1990 31
Leo Ford Leo John Hilgeford Motorcycle accident 1991 34
Keith Anthoni Thom Plaski AIDS 1991 39
Lee Ryder Darras Robert Pyron AIDS 1991 31
Artie Mitchell Artie Mitchell Murdered by brother 1991 45
Nancee Kellee Kelly Jean Van Dyke Suicide by hanging 1991 33
Heaven St. John Dorothy Lee Perrins Cancer 1992 48
Tim Kramer Douglas Murrell Cooper AIDS 1992 34
Al Parker Andrew R. Okun AIDS 1992 40
Chanel Price Teri Price Drug overdose 1992 35
Lisa de Leeuw Lisa Trego AIDS complications 1993 45
Rod Phillips Gregory Leslie Patton AIDS complications 1993 32
Scott Bond N/A1 AIDS 1993 30
Clint Lockner Charles Romanski AIDS 1993 50
Tom Farrell N/A Hit by a car while standing on the side of the road 1993 22
Stasha Rolando Angelo Leukemia 1993 24
Scott Taylor Scott Taylor Hampton AIDS 1994 40
Jeremy Scott Troy Andrew Meyers AIDS 1994 32
Glenn Steers Rick Sommers AIDS 1994 36
Joey Stefano Nicholas Anthony Iacona Drug overdose, HIV positive 1994 26
Savannah Shannon Michelle Wilsey Suicide by self-inflicted gunshot wound 1994 23
Cathy Stewart N/A Unknown 1994 38
Jack Baker John Anthony Bailey Cancer 1994 47
Joe Simmons Thomas Williams AIDS 1995 30
Jon King N/A AIDS 1995 32
Pierce Daniels Russell Wallace AIDS 1995 36
Lon Flexx David Lee Anderson AIDS 1995 30
Ben Barker Rick Steven Sanford AIDS 1995 43
Jon King John Nelson Gaines AIDS complications 1995 32
Krysti Lynn Shawna Kristi Yager Went off the road while traveling at 100mph and fell into a 150 foot ravine 1995 24
Alex Jordan Karen Elizabeth Mereness Suicide by hanging 1995 27
Cal Jammer Randy Layne Potes Suicide by self-inflicted gun shot wound 1995 34
Rene Bond Rene Ruth Bond Liver problems 1996 45
Richard Locke Richard Holt Locke AIDS 1996 55
Christian Fox Christopher John McLaughlin Suicide by drug overdose 1996 22
Steve Fox Rommel Eugene Hunt Suicide by self-inflicted gunshot wound 1997 31
Matt Gunther Steven Matthew Laing Heart attack 1997 33
Lee Baldwin John Francis Mallette Heart attack 1998 36
J. D. Ram David Perry Heroin overdose 1998 28
Wendy O’Williams Wendy Orlean Williams Suicide by self-inflicted gun shot wound 1998 48
Trinity Loren Joyce Evelyn McPherson Drug overdose 1998 34
Kim Kitaine N/A Drowned 1999 29
Sparky O’Toole Donald Keith
AIDS 1999 31
Joe D’Amato Aristide Massaccesi Heart failure 1999 62
David Morris N/A Drugs 1999 47
Ole Soltoft N/A Undisclosed 1999 58
Lolo Ferrari Eve Valois Prescription drugs 2000 37
Jon Vincent Jeffrey James Vickers Heroin overdose 2000 37
Kyle Mckenna Russell Charles McCoy Suicide by drug overdose 2000 31
Bruce Seven N/A Complications from stroke and emphysema 2000 53
Leslie Glass Leslie Fisher Cancer 2000 36
Ted Roter Peter Balakoff Undisclosed 2000 70
Teri Diver Teri Diver Prescription drugs 2001 29
Brett Ford N/A AIDS 2001 31
Lynx Dyan N/A Cancer 2001 25
Amber Sexxxum N/A Undisclosed 2002 31
Shaun Michelle N/A Undisclosed 2002 49
Elisa Bridges Elisa Rebeca Bridges Heroin and Meth overdose 2002 28
Mike Henson Kenneth Seymour HIV+ and overdosed on Heroin 2002 38
Sophie Roche N/A Suicide 2002 23
Naughtia Childs Megan Serbian Jumped off a balcony while high on drugs 2002 29
Linda Lovelace Linda Boreman Car accident 2002 53
Devon Renfro N/A Brain aneurysm 2002 21
Bobby Astyr N/A Lung cancer 2002 64
Jay Anthony Jay Anthony Suicide 2003 27
Karen Dior Geoffrey Gann Cirrhosis of the liver and AIDS 2004 37
Rebecca Steele Jeanette Dee Rogers Drug overdose while suffering from AIDS 2004 42
Johnny Rahm Barry Rogers Suicide by hanging 2004 39
Lea De Mae Andrea Absolonova Brain cancer 2004 27
Taylor Summers Natel King Murdered after shooting an adult scene 2004 23
Russ Meyer N/A Pneumonia/Alzheimer’s Disease 2004 82
Chloe Jones Melinda Dee Jones Liver failure due to alcohol and drug abuse 2005 29
Eva Lux Leticia Lynn Blake Heroin overdose 2005 32
Juliette Jett N/A Heroin overdose 2005 28
Camilla De Castro Alessandro Caetano Kothenborger Jumped, fell or pushed from her 8th floor apartment 2005 26
Karen Lancaume Karine Bach Suicide by drug overdose 2005 32
Brittney Madison Stacey Pfeiffer Car accident 2005 21
Tim Barnett Bradford Thomas Wagner Suicide by hanging while in jail on rape charges 2005 37
Jasmine Grey Michelle Grayshaw Car accident 2005 21
Lance Heywood Rex Hickok Suicide by jumping off a building 2005 40
Julie Robbins Brandy Koonts From over 95% of her body being burned during a car accident 2005 26
Patrice Cabanel N/A Heart failure 2005 48
Candy Barr Juanita Dale Slusher Pneumonia 2005 70
Barry Knight N/A Heart attack 2005 59
Devon Barry N/A Undisclosed illness 2005 28
Ursula Cavalcanti Patrizia Grazzini Cancer 2005 39
Michael Lennox N/A Undisclosed 2005 37
Yumika Hayashi N/A Became drunk and choked to death on her vomit while asleep 2005 35
Angela Devi Angela Shunali Dhingra Suicide by asphyxiation 2006 30
Anna Malle Anna Hotop Car accident 2006 38
Kirby Scott Joseph Myska Drug overdose 2006 44
Jon Dough Chester Anuszak Suicide by hanging 2006 43
Andy Dill Timothy Leon Chanaud Meningitis 2006 43
Clarissa Doll Clarissa Dana Biere Suicide 2006 26
Kristian Brooks Jason Kanarr AIDS 2006 35
Johnny Rey N/A AIDS and testicular cancer 2006 42
Austin Black N/A Liver cancer 2006 38
Candice Rialson N/A Liver failure 2006 54
Michael Morrison Milton Owen Ingley Natural causes after going blind 2006 60
Rocky N/A Cancer and AIDS 2006 26
Kitty Fox Alice Janette Hergett Complications from stroke 2006 64
Sheridan N/A Car accident 2006 20
Lori Michaels N/A Heart defect 2007 38
Joe Romero N/A Complications from HIV 2007 40
Haley Paige Maryam Irene Haley Possible murder, small amount of drugs found upon autopsy 2007 25
Kent North Ben Grey Drug overdose, possibly a suicide 2007 35
Lynden Thomas N/A Asthma attack 2007 25
Danny Dukes Daniel Salas, Jr. Heroin overdose 2007 33
Brett Mycles Robert Christopher Sager Heart attack induced by use of steroids 2007 29
Cody Foster Shawn L. Sumner AIDS complications and liver cancer 2007 36
Chico Wang Inkyo Volt Hwang Suicide by drug overdose 2007 38
Zoey Zane Emily Irene Sander Murdered 2007 18
Vanessa Freeman N/A Murdered by prostitution client 2007 30
Haus Weston Haus Weston Heart attack 2007 29
Danny Roddick Matthew Freitas Apparent drug overdose 2007 31
Anna Alexandre N/A Car accident 2007 27
Tiffani DiGivanni N/A Suicide 2007 21
Anastasia Blue Elena Behm Undisclosed 2008 28
Lolly Pop Mary Besesti Federica Heart attack 2008 37
Cole Ryder N/A Cause of death unknown, originally reported as a staph infection 2008 36
Missy Maria Christina Overdose of prescription drugs 2008 41
Jean-Daniel Cadinot N/A Heart attack 2008 64
Sasha Gabor Samuel Guttman Heart failure 2008 63
Buck Adams Charles S. Allen Heart failure 2008 52
Henri Pachard Ron Sullivan Cancer 2008 69
Marilyn Chambers Marilyn Ann Taylor Natural Causes 2009 56
Jack Wrangler John Stillman Lung disease 2009 62
Steve Pierce N/A Undisclosed 2009 44

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  1. David Gaddy

    October 5, 2016

    Ok gross revenues. That is still more than the “gross revenues” of the corporations mentioned. Take the specifics up with the source of these numbers ( Don’t get so mired in the number details, that we miss the point. Porn is one of the most profitable business models at the expense of these women’s dignity and self-worth. It’s psychologically destructive and produces pain in the lives of those performing and those consuming.

  2. Marco Onassis

    October 5, 2016

    $13 bil is gross revenues, not profits. Your statement is dead wrong.

  3. David Gaddy

    March 23, 2016

    Well hey there, Buddha. Sorry I wasn’t clearer. I was talking about annual profits, not net worth.

  4. Caca caca poo poo Apple is worth 800 billion dollars

  5. David Gaddy

    August 3, 2014

    Amen Mica, thanks so much for your input. I agree 100%! Please don’t get me wrong, the point of the article was not to just blame porn for these people’s deaths. My point was that these people are victims. Victims not only of their own decisions, but also of a system which feeds their condition. This machine includes people who are too self-absorbed to help. Too many times, Christians just pass judgment on these people instead of empathizing with them. Jesus through his example taught us to help people like Danny who are in need, not judge them or express how they deserve their fates. My article is a call to Christians to stop wearing masks and to stop enabling the problem (since tons of Christians are engaging in porn). My goal is not to point at the symptom and not the disease, but to make people realize through the symptoms that we ARE diseased and in need of reform. Thanks again for the comment.

  6. I knew Danny roddick, he was a drug addict mess long before he got into porn. Porn was merely an avenue for him that did not lead to his death. As with any death, career path, lifestyle,etc., people are all unique and some are damaged early in life. They make poor choices and often pay with their lives. Porn didn’t kill these people, most of them killed themselves with the decisions they made throughout their lives. I am not advocating on behalf of pornography, however we must be realistic and honest: there are a lot of list ppl out there who need support and guidance that don’t get it. Without help they deteriorate rapidly. Don’t blame porn or drugs. Help. Help early and be a force in the lives of those who need it most. Maybe then these poor, broken souls can grow and learn from those of us who have the ability to guide others onto a better road. I am not a Christian or religious and it seems to me those who are choose to point at the symptom and not the disease. Cure the illness and resolve the symptoms. Let’s all try a little harder to help how ever we can, then we can start to live in a better world. Together.

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