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Posted by on Dec 17, 2009 in Charities

One of the latest charities I have been looking at is called the Mocha Club.  This is an awesome entry point for you guys who don’t do charities.  The concept is that for the cost of 2 cups of gourmet coffee per month, you can feed, clothe, medicate, and educate children in Africa.  This equates to a grand total of $7 per month.  This is a drop in the bucket for most of us, but can change the lives of many in desperate parts of the world.

Join my team at by clicking here and help make a difference.

My team is called Pure Religion Undefiled and my focus is on African orphans.  Come be a part of my team, help yourself by helping others.  Their motto is “I need Africa more than Africa needs me”.  This means that helping the poor in Africa has helped me spiritually and helped me grow more than they will ever realize.

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  1. Thank you, Christine for what you guys do. Keep up the good work. I’ll do what I can from here.

  2. David, this is so awesome!! Thank you for posting this and for being a part of Mocha Club. We’re so glad to have you serving with us!

    ~ Christine Bailey
    MC Membership Director

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