NYE Knighthood… make it so

Posted by on Dec 31, 2009 in News

Patrick Stewart

Patrick Stewart becomes a knight (click for full story)

Yes, the Queen of England is conferring the honor of knighthood upon 69-year old Patrick Stewart among others for the New Year. I think this is pretty cool considering the amount of times he has played positions of title on the stage and screen. Now he will be known as “Sir Patrick”… or to those in Star Trek geekdom as “Sir Jean-Luc Picard, Captain of the Enterprise, Knight and Defender of the Realm”. Make it so, number one.

Wait a second! Kirk was Captain of the Enterprise first and was saving the galaxy long before Picard. Shouldn’t we bestow our own American knighthood upon William Shatner? — “Sir Bill”. No such thing, huh? Oh well, I guess in America we just have to vote our aging actors into office instead. Governor James T. Kirk, maybe?

“We cannot… support… this… federation… funded healthcare, Mr. Spock!” 🙂

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  1. Not bad article, but I really miss that you didn’t express your opinion, but ok you just have different approach

  2. Hi there! Wonderful concept, but will this actually function?

  3. Nice catch, I hadn’t seen that.

    As for the last line, I share your nerdiness, I thought it was funny 😉

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