My Psalms 1 – A Psalm of Ahavah

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  1. My Father, you are patient.
  2. May I continue to give you glory and honor for your long-suffering of me.
  3. I have known you from my youth up and yet I had not known you.  I knew you when as a youth I was lost and you came to my rescue.  Through your grace and the blood of your Son, I was saved.  You are my salvation.
  4. Yet still, I had not known you as I now know you.  I called you my God and you answered.  I called you my King and you heard my cry.  I called you a Father and you held me tight.  But I was an obstinate child with small eyes, oh Lord.
  5. My Father, you are patient.
  6. I grew in the knowledge of my God.  My passion was to hear your words.  My goal was to learn from you.  But my motivation was selfish.  As I grew in knowledge, I grew in pride.  You are long-suffering.
  7. I misused the knowledge I gained to deny my brothers of my love.  I used your Holy Words as a tool of aggression and an instrument of pride.  I used your Gospel as a weapon of war.  Is not your word a mighty sword?  Does it not pierce the soul and divide asunder?  But as I used your sword as a weapon against my brothers, the spirit in need of piercing was my own.
  8. My Father, you are patient.
  9. For one whole score, you saved me by a love and a grace I did not have for others.  Fear was my companion.  Doubt was my bedfellow.  Guilt was my guardian.  In my insecurity I avoided you.  In my insecurity, I found comfort in the sins of others.  I found my justification by comparisons.  If I could not be good enough for My God, at least I was better than others.
  10. My Father, you are patient.
  11. A challenge was made.  An accusation of my faith.   I was brought down as a pretender with no love in my heart.  Anger filled my bones and as spittle through my teeth, my cry came to you to justify the position I had so selfishly secured for myself.  Your patience found victory in my cry, oh Lord.  Your sword found its place in my heart.  Piercing through my soul and dividing it asunder.  Had I not been loving?  Had I not known real love?  I would never believe it.
  12. I knew love!  I knew the truth!  I loved!  So I cried to you.
  13. Do I not know your love oh God?  Is my love but a counterfeit?  Is my love just a shadow of the real thing?  Oh Father, show me your love.  The love you have for the lost.  I want but a small portion of the love that you are.  And you heard my cry oh Lord!  Your love.  Your ahavah!  It was so much greater than I.  And a clarity came over me.
  14. I knew you.  I felt your touch, oh Lord.  Your hand on my filthy heart was hot.  My body fought against the invasion of your love.  My chest gave way under the weight of your mighty hand.  Create in my a clean heart.
  15. I saw the earth and those who dwell in it groaning for you.  I heard their idle words and my new heart wept.  Your voice must be heard.  My tongue is yours.  Your embrace must be found.  My arms are yours.  Your love must be shared.  My feet are yours.
  16. Oh, praise the Lord.  For His love is mighty.  Praise the Lord, all the earth for He has given His son.  Praise the Lord from the congregation for He offers a love without end.  He loves the weak.  He loves the poor.  He loves the dejected and the lonely.  His love is honorable.  His love is powerful.  His love is willing.  His love is without condition.  He is love and to truly love is to know him.  Without love, we cannot know him.  I knew of him and his grace saved me.  But when I knew him, his grace passed through me.
  17. Praise the Lord for he is love.  He is patient.  He is kind.  And He never fails.

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  1. David Gaddy

    April 29, 2017

    Not yet. This is my first one. But I will be doing more, Lord willing.

  2. Is there more? From the beginning, it was as if I was reading my life in black and white.

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