My new friend from Haiti

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Cyndie Mitchell

My Haitian friend, Cyndie

Meet Cyndie, my new friend from Haiti. Cyndie lives with her mother, 1 brother, and 1 sister. Her mother struggles to provide for the family. Cyndie is in primary school and she enjoys reading. She helps at home by running errands and she likes to play with jacks. Fortunately Cyndie’s area wasn’t overly affected by the recent earthquake that has been so devastating in Haiti. However, a need here outside of the earthquake also exists. I sponsor Cyndie and her family through the charitable organization, World Vision, who is not only helping families like this in need but currently also providing relief for the earthquake victims.

Cyndie and her family live in a community severely affected by the HIV and AIDS crisis. In some communities, AIDS affects the entire social structure as a generation of hardworking adults is being wiped out. Frightened children and exhausted grandparents rarely have money for food, school, or medical care. Through my sponsorship, I am helping with these and other basic needs for Cyndie and her family.

Many people are reluctant to help charities such as this because they are concerned that only a small portion of their donations actually make it into the hands of the needy. This is one of the reasons I am so impressed with World Vision. Currently 87% of their total revenue goes directly into these relief programs, 8% goes to fundraising, and only 5% is employment overhead.

Right now, Haiti is suffering from one of the largest natural disasters in their history, they are suffering from AIDS, and starvation. Please look into your heart and look at these needy people the same way Jesus looked at the needy. Jesus’ entire ministry happened in and around the poor, the weak, the sick, and the sinful. So should ours. Help give children like Cyndie hope for tomorrow and love for today.

For more information on World Vision, to donate relief funds, or sponsor a child Click Here.

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