Earthrise as seen by Apollo 8

Saving 1968

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When most people today think of the Apollo Moon program they instantly think of Neil Armstrong taking that giant leap for mankind as he stepped on the Moon, however I think my favorite of the Apollo missions was Apollo 8. Today marks the 45th anniversary of that historic flight around the moon. Although they did …

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The Outside Smell

You Smell Like Outside

Posted by on May 21, 2010 in News, Technology

For years my family and I have discussed the oddity of the “outside” smell. I just thought this was a common thing. You go outside (especially on a windy day) and you come in smelling like “outside”. It’s kind of a musty, doggy, rankness that permeates you and gets in your clothes. This is especially …

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iPhone Controlled Helicopter

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All I can say is… wow. This is so awesome. Imagine controlling a remote controlled helicopter with your iPhone. Yep, this little gadget is geek drool material. It’s called Parrot AR.Drone and it is a 4-bladed remote controlled helicopter with cameras mounted in it. It connects to your iPhone through Wi-Fi and is controlled by …

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