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Victims of Lust

Victims of Lust

Posted by on Aug 1, 2013 in Bible Study

Sin is destructive. It is no accident that the things which offend God are harmful to us. The more sin we allow in our life, the more damage we do to ourselves and others. This topic is of a mature nature, but I see people being hurt by it all the time so I feel …

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Posted by on Apr 9, 2012 in Bible Study
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The apostle Paul revealed an issue in his life to the Corinthians. He called it a “thorn in the flesh”. It has since been a mystery of a sorts because he was so vague in his description of this “thorn”. It has baffled Bible students for years and has created any number of theories and …

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The Aftermath of a Tornado in Joplin, MO

Where Was God?

Posted by on Jan 16, 2012 in Bible Study

This world is a mess. We see evil all around us. Innocent lives are lost every day from famines, disease, natural disasters, accidents, and the evil of man. Let’s look at just a few tragedies of recent history:

Jacob, Laban, Rachel, and Leah


Posted by on Sep 7, 2011 in Bible Study

I heard a study on sibling rivalry the other day and the speaker brought up Leah and Rachel from the Bible. It made me really start thinking about Leah, so I decided to put this study together and I believe there is an important message for us there.

Jesus at the Tomb

1981 Years Later…

Posted by on Apr 22, 2011 in Bible Study

It’s Friday, April 22nd, 2011 and it is the traditional annual celebration of the day Jesus died (often called Good Friday). You might be surprised to know, Jesus didn’t actually die on a Friday (we’ll see why shortly).

Perfected Praise

True Worship

Posted by on Dec 10, 2010 in Bible Study

Worship is one of those overly used words which has come to mean different things to different people. In studying worship with others, you hear a lot of: “Well, what worship means to me is…”. But is it really about what it means to you? Or what it means to God? I’d like to spend …

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