A Week of Passion – Part 7

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The last two days have been
Utterly depressing
I’ve spent the past few nights
In Bethany

All I can think of is the promise
Of a future under Yeshua’s reign
One which cannot come about
Because he is dead now

And now there is more distressing news
This morning several women
Came from his tomb which was apparently
Robbed… and his body is missing

I have to get away from here
Lethargically I just started walking
The road was full of people
And whispers

I just didn’t want to talk to anyone today
So I pressed on… then a man walked up to me
“Hey! Weren’t you the one I saw…”
“Yes” I interrupted, “I helped him”

I continued to walk
But the man matched my stride
“I thought he was the Mashiach”
he said too loudly

Me too

Would he not just leave me alone to my misery?
I continued to walk on
“My name’s Cleopas, by the way” he said
“Simon”, I said without looking up

Then another voice chimed in
“The Mashiach Nagid?”
Thanks, Cleopas
Great… more conversation

A second man came up
“Yes! We thought Yeshua was the One”
Cleopas said
“Who is this Yeshua?”

I stopped dead in my tracks
And my two companions almost ran into me
Cleopas was equally shocked and said
“You must be the only man in Jerusalem
who doesn’t know these things have happened!”

“What things?” Our new companion asked
This frustrated… no it angered me
That I could lose a friend
One I just knew was the coming prince
And then to see him brutalized for nothing
And then to have it even go unnoticed
By this man!

I told him my story
How I met Yeshua
About my faith in his hosanna
About the betrayal
About his death
About my loss
About the apparent desecration of his tomb
Even the hysterical talk of the women
Seeing angels and claiming he had
Somehow lived

I ended my frustrated story huffing
My audience glanced at each other
Then the second companion spoke
“Wow, you’re pretty swift”
He paused
“…of tongue. But slow of heart.”

The words made me want to hit him
Except he spoke them so tenderly
The look in his eyes was concern
And how he used the term swift…
It took me back

Then he started talking as we walked on
“Still sounds like the Mashiach to me”
Then he talked of Moses and the Passover
He used the same analogies Yeshua had
At that last supper
Who was this guy? He seemed to know

We talked and walked for a couple of hours
I told him my revelation as I carried the cross
How the Suffering Servant was the Mashiach
He smiled very broadly and quoted Isaiah

“When His soul is an offering for guilt,
He shall see the descendants and have life.
Yahweh’s plan will prosper in His hands”

I knew this passage from my youth but
It never made sense… until now
Wait! How do you have life after death?

My eyes widened with wonder
Cleopas spoke up
“We’ve reached Emmaus
My house is just right around the corner
Let’s eat together!”

Excited to hear more from this teacher
I agreed and we talked and talked
This stranger revealed more truths
Hidden from my eyes

As we ate… he said,
“Did David not speak of Mashiach in song?
The Psalm says ‘He will not leave me in the grave
His holy one will not see decomposition'”

He will not leave me in the grave
As I heard this stranger say that
Something happened
He will not leave me in the grave

He reached across the table
Handing me bread
I saw the hole at the base of his hand
I heard the clink of hammer to nail
I saw the breath come from his mouth
Like a blast of wind in my face
Causing me to blink hard
To reveal His face
His face
That face I knew so well


“My God!” I cried
I leapt across the table before
I knew what I was doing
Landing firmly on Yeshua
Laughing, He fell back from the table
Where we were reclining

I hugged him tightly with my head
Against his chest
I heard His heart beating!
He is alive!

He is alive!

“More than alive, Simon
Death is destroyed for us
Welcome to the Kingdom… and
Thank you for the food, Cleopas”

I sat up and turned to see Cleopas
When I turned back, Yeshua was gone

“Where? Where’d He go?”
Cleopas never changed his expression
Finally, he spoke and his voice cracked
Then he managed, “We must tell the disciples!”

Both of us darted for the door
We ran the whole 60 stadia back to Jerusalem
I knew where the disciples would be gathered
Exhausted and out of breath we burst
Into the room

Cleopas shouted
“Yeshua is risen! He showed himself to Simon!”
We panted in exhaustion as the room
Stared at us in silent shock
Mary came to my side

Peter asked, “Who is this guy?”
Pointing at Cleopas
I laughed and introduced him
Then I told them what had happened

As I spoke of Him
The room was hanging onto our story
And gathered closer around us
Then someone said

“Don’t forget how you knocked
Him to the ground, Simon!”
Everyone turned around
It was Him
He was here

Yeshua was already in the room
Yet the door was behind us
Everyone was scared
Until he comforted them

We all talked and before long
It seemed like He had never left
He taught them like he did me
About the prophecies

It was great to see Mary
Hanging on His words again
To see them all enthralled
With the fulfilling teaching

Then he made promises for us
To receive more power
And for us to wait
In Jerusalem

I looked Him in the eye
And He smiled
Then He faded from the space
He had been standing in

We all stared at the empty space
For what seemed like an eternity
I put my arm around Mary
And held her tightly thinking

If we died today…
Or lived to die another day…
It would always be ok
Tears poured from my eyes

This was the most amazing week
In the history of the planet

Yeshua became my king
Yeshua became my friend
Yeshua died to become my passover lamb
Yeshua arose to become my life

Which will never be the same
And one day when I am called away
I will run with him again
There will be no exhaustion this time
No cross to carry this time

We will bound over those mountains
Of earthly separation and pain
Over Golgotha
Over Olivet

Being as swift as dancing gazelles
And then I will never stumble

… ever again

# # # # #

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