A Week of Passion – Part 6

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“Please wake up”
Something wet hit my cheek
Mary was shaking me
She was crying, her face above mine

It was morning
Suddenly the events of last night
Came rushing back to me in a flood
I jolted up, “Where is Yeshua?”

“At Fortress Antonia
We must hurry!”
So we rushed out of the garden
My head was killing me

Mary told me she thought I had been arrested
She had left the garden to go find us
She heard commotion at the house of Caiaphas
Yeshua was on trial there… in the night

She wasn’t sure how it ended except
Yeshua was in the dungeon
It wasn’t until early this morning
She realized I wasn’t there

She heard a soldier say they were
Taking Yeshua to Pilate
That’s when she came back to the garden
To look for me

As we came into the Roman Praetorium
I was immediately shocked at the crowd
It was barely the second hour of the day
And the forum was full of people
They were incited and angry

Then I saw him
Yeshua was barely able to stand
He had been beaten and was almost unrecognizable
What was happening? Why?

Pilate had him by the arm, showing the crowd
How sufficient the beatings had been
But then they cried, “Crucify him!”
Pilate washed his hands and handed him over
To the guards who had a cross bar prepared


This week had been so full of dreams
Hosanna! Victory! A new kingdom
A loving and righteous King
Miracles and a miracle worker!

I watched it crumble in front of my eyes
As they threw the heavy cross bar on him
I saw his knees give way slightly
He grimaced through the caked blood

My king was wearing a crown they had made
To mock him. The thorns of it pressed
Firmly into his scalp
I kept waiting on that voice from heaven
To command this to stop
But it never came

Mary was crying uncontrollably
I held her tightly as they began to
Parade Yeshua out of the Damascus Gate
We pushed through the crowd attempting
To get close to him

I saw him trip and fall
The heavy cross bar rolled up his neck
Driving his head to the stone road
Pressing the crown deeper into his scalp

This was more than I could bear
I left Mary and ran to him
Again moving swifter than my feet
I tripped over the foot of another onlooker

And landed on my hands and knees
Next to Yeshua
I lifted the cross bar off his neck
And sat it on the road in front of him

He raised his head and looked at me
Those gentle eyes… still so kind but
Buried beneath smears of dried blood
He managed a weak smile
“I told you to mind your step”
Then the smile waned and I asked
“Why Yeshua?”

He cut his eyes slowly and weakly
And said, “Passover…”
The soldiers were shouting at him
To pick the cross back up

“He’s too weak!”, I shouted

“Well someone is going to carry that cross
Up the hill!”, came the Roman’s response

“Then I’ll be swift and mind my step”

The soldier told me to pick it up
So I hoisted the bar onto my shoulders
Yeshua managed to stand
We started up the hill together
“Thank you, Simon”, he whispered

I watched him limping next to me
I wanted to carry him as well
My mind went back two days
When I ran up Olivet with him

This time there would be no winner
This time I would watch my friend die
And for what cause?
He said Passover

Then his Haggadah came back to me
He compared the Mashiach to the lamb
Suddenly the words of Isaiah rang loudly
He was like a lamb before the slaughter
The suffering servant was the Mashiach!

The righteous one, the servant
Will make many to be accounted righteous
He was doing this for me
By his stripes we are healed

His speech in the temple made sense
The voice from heaven made sense
“I will be glorified in you”
But how can a king reign from the dead?

I began to cry… sobbing uncontrollably
The weight of the cross felt like 1000 talents
A hand gently touched my side
It was his… even in his suffering
He was comforting me

“You can do this… it will be glorious”
How? How King Yeshua can this be glorious?
“The grave will not have victory today”
We had reached the top

The soldiers were taking the cross
Taking Yeshua’s clothes
This was really about to happen
Mary came from the crowd

We backed away from the soldiers’ work
I turned my head as I heard the clink
As hammer connected with nail
Again… and again

Isaiah whispered in my ear
He was pierced for our transgressions
Then they lifted him up
He shouted the words of David

“My God, My God why have you forsaken me?”
Then the entire psalm played in my mind
It was Yeshua’s prayer!
I fell to my knees

The pain in my heart was too much
“I can’t watch this, Mary!”
She took my hand and we cried together
We knew we could not leave him

The crowd dispersed
But a handful of us stayed including
John and Yeshua’s mother
We watched him die

The sky grew unusually dark
The ground shook
Thunder fell
Yeshua died

I was waiting on the glory
But it didn’t come
My heart was shattered
My hope fell

I watched as they took him down
I watched the women wrap him
I watched them lay him in a stranger’s tomb
I watched them close it up

This was the worse day of my life
If Isaiah was right…
If this took away any transgressions of mine
I’d take them all back to have him here

Just give me my king back

# # # # # # #

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