A Week of Passion – Part 5

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Last night I slept well
Yesterday was so amazing
For the first time in years
I found hope

I can’t wait to see what this day brings
The evening will be the first day
of Unleavened Bread
Surely Yeshua will make it memorable

I was surprised to find very little preparation
Happening for the passover in Bethany
Yeshua sent two disciples to Jerusalem
To prepare for it… two

As the day began to draw do a close
We made our way into Jerusalem
Peter came running to meet us
He and John had found a room for passover

The family of the house had prepared
For their extended family to eat passover
Yet illness had prevented their pilgrimage
As a result there was enough prepared for us all

We sat and Yeshua washed everyone’s feet
No one understood this… he was the Rabbi
But he gently explained his expectations
For us to love and serve each other

As we walked through the seder
Yeshua gave us the most amazing
Haggadah I’d ever heard
Yes we focused on the exodus story
But there was more

He correlated the passover to the Mashiach
It was so confusing but beautiful
He compared the anointed one
To the passover lamb

He took the cup of blessing for us to drink
He said he would not do this again until
His kingdom came… This excited me
HIs kingdom would come before the next passover!

Then we came to the yachatz
He raised the afikomen piece high as he broke it
He didn’t say anything as he did so
He stared at it as he broke it slowly

He smiled and a tear rolled from one eye
He dropped the broken bread to his lap slowly
He sat in silence staring down at it
We stared in expectation for a while

Without a word he partook of one half
We followed suit
He folded the napkin around the other half
Without looking up, he sat it on the table

“Please bury this”
A strange choice of words but we understood
The broken afikomen was to be hidden
Until after the meal

But then Yeshua lit up and told the maggid
So beautifully and with such zeal
He spoke like he was recalling an event
He had witnessed in his youth

It seemed I was hearing it for the first time!
I cried like a child when Yeshua talked of the
Final plague and how children died in their beds
The cup of plagues made more sense than ever

We spilt our wine to reduce the joy of the cup
We honored the dead with more love than I ever felt
No Rabbi had ever made me feel love
For our ancestors’ enemies
What a king he will be!

The meal itself was delicious
Yeshua discussed many things and
We all asked questions
There was a lot of laughter and joy

Then as the meal was drawing to a close
The mood turned somber
Yeshua spoke of one of us betraying him

He spoke of leaving us
He spoke of a coming comforter
He spoke of us abiding in him
He spoke of us loving each other

We were all uncomfortable
This felt like a farewell speech
Where was he going?
And he seemed frustrated with our confusion

Then he bypassed the usually light hearted
Bread hunt and simply said
“Resurrect the bread”
John brought the afikomen back to the table

Yeshua said, “This is my body”
Then he passed it around for us to eat
Then he took the cup of redemption
He said, “The testament of my blood”
And we drank

After the cup of praise
We sang the hallel and he wanted to leave
So we walked toward Bethany
On the road we passed by the house of Caiaphas
I saw Yeshua watching it with a sad eye
Only then did I notice how oddly busy it seemed

We were tired and full but Yeshua insisted
We stop in the garden and pray
It was quiet and Yeshua seemed different
He took Peter, James, and John
And went further into the Olive grove

I sat with Mary… She was also worried about
Yeshua and the odd speech at the meal
I held her hand and we prayed together
We prayed and drifted in and out

The wine, the meal, and the mood were taking their toll
Then I woke suddenly… Mary was asleep on my shoulder
Yeshua was just walking by alone toward the road
He smiled down at us and his brow raised sadly

“I guess it’s time… be swift”

Suddenly there were men running into the garden
With swords drawn and with torches
All the drowsy disciples including myself
Were startled to our feet

What was happening?
Judas was with them
I just realized I had not seen him since the meal
Things seemed to happen so quickly

Soon they were grabbing Yeshua
Peter drew a sword and attacked one of them
Even amidst the chaos, Yeshua seemed calm
He bent over the man Peter attacked

Then stood and talked quietly to Peter
As they were dragging him out of the garden
The armed men were asking if they should arrest us too
We began to scatter at this

Mary looked at me, “What do we do?”
I told her to hide until we could find out what was happening
She ran into the darkness of the grove
But I saw a soldier with a torch start after her

I ran as swiftly as I could after them in the dark
Branches were hitting my face but I caught up with the man
I grabbed him and we fell to the ground
Mary turned and I told her keep running

I grappled with the man
We rolled down the hill
And into the clearing
My head hit a rock

I tried to stand but I couldn’t find my feet
I blinked hard and saw the man running
Toward the road
I blinked again and shook my head

I tried to stand again
That’s when everything went dark

# # # # # #

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