A Week of Passion – Part 4

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Another sleepless night
After losing track of Yeshua
I went home… shaken
Both by his words and the voice from heaven

The past two mornings have found him on Olivet
So this morning I went there again
To pray and to wait

Then he came… alone
As he entered the garden
I didn’t think he even noticed me
But he said, “You brought bread”

I did… so I handed it to him
He broke a large piece and put it in his mouth
Then spoke through it
“And you brought questions”

I immediately unleashed my questions
…in one breath
He smiled and chewed his bread
“I love your swiftness, but for now…
Be still and know I AM”

I should’ve been shocked to hear that
Be still and know Yahweh
But that alone seemed to
Answer many questions

“Let us enjoy the beauty of this garden
Let us enjoy the food
Let us talk to Yahweh”
He sat down, closed his eyes
and took a deep breath

He opened one eye and look at me with it
So I sat next to him
…and breathed

I never felt so calm or at peace
We sat there for at least an hour
Praying aloud
Talking and laughing together

Then I broke the mood
“Yesterday you said you had to die”
He put his arm around my shoulder
“We all do… do we not?”

“But when I die… it will bring life
It will bring glory
The question is not, will I die?
The question is, what will I die for?”

An enigmatic answer but a fulfilling one
My anxiety seemed to fall away
Especially when I thought of the voice from heaven
I felt trust. I felt faith
It felt like everything would be… ok

Suddenly someone was coming down the road
Yeshua put his finger to his lips
I complied by not speaking
The man walked past the garden as we watched

Once he was down the road I asked
“Wasn’t that one of your disciples?”
Yeshua smiled again
“Yes. Judas has work he must do today
I did not want to disturb him.”

He stood suddenly and I asked if
He was going into the city

“Not today
Today you will come to Bethany with me
I want you to meet a friend of mine
Her name is Mary… she is swift as well”

Why not?
We turned to walk up the road
Then he surprised me again,
“Let us see how swift you are.
I’ll race you to the top.”

Are you serious?
Then he started running up the hill
We reached the top, out of breath and laughing
He obviously let me win

What a Rabbi
What a King
What a friend
What a brother

I never met anyone like him
Nor will I ever again
We spent a beautiful day in Bethany
The family we stayed with was amazing

I met the now famous Lazarus
His sisters Martha and
Of course, Mary…
Who never took her eyes off of Yeshua
But I couldn’t blame her

Thank you Yeshua
I needed today

# # # # #

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