A Week of Passion – Part 3

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Yesterday ended with such euphoria!
Yeshua and his followers left the city toward Bethany again
I stood on the temple steps and watched the children

Many of them had come to see the miracles of the day
And they were singing… to him
Even as Yeshua left the temple the children sang
I could not stop smiling

I asked him if I would see him again
He put his hand on my shoulder
as we walked down the steps
“Perhaps another breakfast tomorrow… but with food”

So this morning I gathered eggs and bread into my tallit
I rushed over to Olivet again
As I got to the garden Yeshua and his disciples were already there
They were gathered around the fig tree from yesterday

The sight of it stopped me in my tracks
It was completely rotten
As if it had been dead for years
Yeshua was teaching already

“You marvel at this tree… but it is just the result of faith
You can do this… and more if you are without doubt
You could tell a mountain to fall into the sea… and it would
So do not doubt in your prayers… and do not stand in prayer
with unforgiveness in your heart”

Then he turned smiling broadly at me and said
“You could have faith that breakfast would arrive… and it would”
I suddenly became quite popular among them as I distributed the food
We laughed and ate as the sun rose over the peak of Olivet

Afterwards we walked into the city again
Yesterday had caused quite a stir at the temple
Men from the high priest were waiting at the steps for us
Demanding from Yeshua what right he had to teach and disrupt them

His reply was a prelude to a day of teaching
With an audience that respected the baptizing John
Yeshua asked them if John’s teaching came from God
They could not answer without either convicting themselves
… or the crowd around them

“I owe you no more answer than I just received from you”
This is a King I will love to serve!
He entered the temple and taught
Wise teachings like I’d never heard

The questions posed to him were incessant and well thought out
Each was answered skillfully… avoiding their traps
They wanted him to convict himself in front of the crowd
But each went away embarrassed to have asked their question

Pharisees, Sadducees, Scribes, Lawyers, and even foreigners
Each took their turns… it must’ve been exhausting
But he remained wise
The day grew late and the crowd grew larger

Then I saw exhaustion in those tender eyes as he stood
He turned toward us and pointed back at the teachers of the law
“Listen to these men if they teach you from the Law…
but do not be like them. Do not follow their pretentious example!”

His words gained passion as he preached against their practices
Tears welled in his eyes as he declared them to be snakes
…and not of God
Many later talked of his anger… but I saw it clearly
It was not anger… it was broken-heartedness
It was disappointment

The teachers did not wait to hear…
Most of them left Yeshua to his speech
He seemed to notice they were gone and fell to his knees
“O Jerusalem!” He suddenly shouted above the crowd.
“I wanted to gather you under my wing… but you would not have me.”
“Now it is too late.”

I could not take it. I rushed to him
I reached down to help him up and he embraced me
He stood slowly, righted himself and looked me in the eye
And smiled a gentle smile and whispered, “So swift”

The crowd was silent and what he said next shocked us all
“Now is the time for the Son of Man to be glorified.”
He compared himself to a grain seed that must die…
To be buried and to produce a harvest
“I do not expect to be rescued from this!”
“I have come for this purpose… to offer myself to Yahweh!”

Suddenly clouds gathered in the sky
Yeshua shouted at them, “Father! Bring glory to Your name!”
Lightning danced
The loudest crack of thunder I ever heard shook the ground
A voice fell from the sky
“I have glorified it! And will glorify it again… in You!”

The crowd visibly ducked in fear
People scrambled about and Yeshua spoke loudly over them
“This will happen when I am lifted up to die”

This was even more unexpected than the voice from heaven
No! No! This is not what is supposed to happen
“But you are Mashiach Nagid!” I shouted
Yeshua continued to talk and walked into the crowd

I could not hear him
Wait. No. Explain this
The crowd pressed hard
I pressed harder

I must get to him
I heard other believers echoing my concern
“You are the anointed one!”
The crowd was too much to navigate

Yeshua was gone

# # # # # #

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