A Week of Passion – Part 2

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Last night was sleepless
I could not stop thinking about Yeshua!
I heard he and his disciples left town last night
They are staying with friends in Bethany

Is he the prophesied King?
Would the Sanhedrin even acknowledge what happened?
I’ve never met a man like him
He seemed to command without a word

When he did speak it was like a Spirit-wind
Full of comfort and love.
I must see more
I must hear more

So I awoke before the sun this morning
Knowing he would have to travel across Olivet from Bethany
I went to the garden on the Western slope to watch for him
I prayed… if this be the true Mashiach… show me!

As I finished my prayer I heard voices coming down the road
Then I saw him. Walking and laughing with his disciples
As they drew near I saw him draw in a deep breath and say,
“So beautiful this morning! Why don’t we eat here in the garden?”

I watched as his followers scrambled about…
Apparently no one thought to bring breakfast
Yeshua seemed amused at them and walked into the garden
Looking at a healthy fig-tree which had already leafed
But it was too early in the season for fruit

“Figs would be nice. Too bad this tree only looks fruitful.”
I will never forget what happened next
Yeshua closed his eyes and leaned his cheek against the tree
He said… almost lovingly,
“No one will eat fruit from you again”

Then a leaf dried up and fell
Then another. Then another.
As I watched, Yeshua embraced this dying tree
and it seemed spring turned to fall before my eyes

I could not believe what I just witnessed
I stood on the rock I’d been hiding behind
“Mashiach Nagid!” I shouted without thinking
Every head turned slowly my way
My outburst… not as surprising as what we had all just witnessed.

Yeshua rose and stepped toward me
Those same kind eyes smiled again
“Yes?”, he asked
Suddenly I felt weak

“You are the Coming Prince? The Righteous Branch?”
He smiled broadly and opened his arms in a large shrug
“Come and see”, he said.
Then he turned to walk again

“But watch your step, my swift friend!”
He shouted over his shoulder
At this his disciples all smiled
I ran to them and they clapped my back

We followed Yeshua into the city
I saw we were headed to the Temple.
Yes! This must be the moment
He will announce his Kingdom!

We climbed the steps and entered the outer courts
There was a fervor in Yeshua’s stride
As if he were anxious to be here
… or upset about something

The temple is full of merchants this week
Selling clean animals for sacrifices
Yeshua kicked over a table full of coins
Everyone turned at the sound

I watched with amazement
Dumbfounded along with the disciples
As Yeshua ran through the market
Overturning tables, releasing the doves

People began to gather their stuff and flee
“My house is a house of prayer!”, he shouted
“Not a place for thieves!”
The commotion slowed for me at that point

While people ran, shouted and gathered things
I stood silently and the tears fell
Tears of understanding…
He called it his house!

Merchants ran past me in a flutter
Dried leaves falling to the ground
I saw Yeshua holding that tree
His house… with no fruit

Soon the court was empty of merchants
Yeshua stood there in the middle of the overturned furniture
His shoulders heaving with his back to me
Among the dying chaos a child cried

Yeshua turned to see a boy, obviously blind, stumbling
Separated from his family in the frenzy
Then I saw the anger in Yeshua
melt into compassion

He rushed over and picked the boy up
He wiped the tears from his empty stare
Then kissed his eyes
Then the boy’s gaze became alert
Yeshua set him down and he ran

Could this day bring any more revelation?
Any more power?
Did I just see that boy healed before my eyes?
Yes, my King! And it would not be the last miracle today!

There are always cripples and blind people at temple
They come here looking for alms… for assistance
The merchants were gone, but the cripples were not
When they saw the boy healed… they came to Yeshua

And he did not turn them away
I saw people walk for the first time in years
I saw blind people dancing in beautiful sight
I saw my King… fix things that were broken
I saw love

I thought yesterday was the best day of my life

Until today

# # # #

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