A Week of Passion – Part 1

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What did I just see?
What just happened?
Was this just wishful and playful?
Or do I dare believe Mashiach is actually here?

It seems almost blasphemous to entertain the thought
The talk of the Mashiach Nagid has been passed down
Father to son. Rabbi to disciple… for generations
He is a future event.

Yet there has been talk of a Rabbi
Revolutionary in his teachings
Roaming the country of Galilee
Rarely frequenting the Holy City

Some say he is a lunatic claiming deity
Some say he is a liar seeking a following
But some… some say he is Lord
The Mashiach… The Coming Prince… King of Israel

Just yesterday I heard tell of a man raised to life by this Rabbi
Dead in his tomb for days
Just on the other side of the Olivet… not far from here
Still this is too much to believe

Today on my way into the city to buy goods
Two men almost knocked me over in the street
They were rushing to untie a young colt from its post
Thinking them thieves I asked why they were untying the animal

“The Rabbi needs it and will return it soon!”
They shouted without as much as a look my direction

Curious. Something so strange could only be from this Rabbi Yeshua
So I followed the men as they rushed the donkey down the mountain
Whatever this Rabbi was up to was already creating a commotion
That’s when I saw him for the first time

As the men handed the rope around the colt’s neck to the Rabbi
He touched them thankfully and smiled
At first, he seemed unremarkable, this man I’d heard so much of
But there was something in his manner that made him attractive

A charisma beyond words seemed to emanate from him
I was too far away to hear him speak…
but I felt like I didn’t need to hear him to know
He was kind and caring… and majestic

People were oddly gathering
Putting their tallitot on the ground in front of the animal
While his disciples threw blankets over its back
It became clear Yeshua was planning a formal entry into the city

The gathering was growing with my curiosity
So I rushed closer but the crowd prevented me
Soon I noticed some had taken to plucking branches
Laying on the road before him

Then I knew what this Rabbi was doing
It was the march of a King!
King David sent his son Solomon on his own colt to Gihon
To declare him King of Israel

We grew up with this story
We have had no proper King for generations
Herod is a fraud! An Edomite!
Oh for a King to lead us out of Rome!

I heard someone shout, “Hosanna! Bring Victory O KING!”
What? My heart leapt into my throat!
Has the line of David actually returned? Is hosanna possible against these Romans?
As an answer, another shout arose. “Victory in the highest realm of Heaven!”

People began pouring out of the city gate at the commotion
Including many of the Pharisees and scribes
The crowd seemed to grow and swell
Old and young began dancing and shouting as Yeshua rode the colt toward the gate

I began to run. To get a better view I pushed through the crowd.
The fervor was becoming contagious and I caught myself shouting for hosanna!
As I got closer to him, my heart raced.
I must know if this is true

I was almost to the colt when in my clamor, my sandal caught a stone
I fell headlong and was unable to get up under the crowd
But two hands lifted me
I recognized at once the colt thieves holding me, grinning from ear to ear

I put out my hand to steady my gait and it found the side of the colt
I looked up… right into his eyes
He gently touched my head and smiled
“You are swift, my friend. But guard your step.”

And somehow I knew he was not just talking about my little fall.
I will never forget those eyes
So full of care and concern
I tried to speak but my voice just cracked

Then the crowd overtook me and I stopped
with a lump in my throat and tears on my face.
Standing on a pile of strewn palm branches,
I watched him ride away into the gate

What did I just see?
What just happened?
Then finding my voice again but too late to be heard,
I spoke.

“Long live the King. May you live forever.”

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